How Often Should You Replace The Carpet In Your Home?

Do you currently have carpet in your home? Most people will have carpet in at least half of the rooms. If it has been several years since you last had your carpet installed, it is likely that it is beginning to wear down. You are going to notice certain things about your carpet that are indicators that it may be time to install new carpeting. Let’s look at a few of the reasons that it may be time to change your carpet out, an expensive project that may be necessary to improve the health of those living in your home.

Stains In The Carpet

When you start to see stains in many areas of your carpet, specifically ones that cannot come out, it might be time to think about getting something new. This could be the results of oil stains, coffee, blood, or any other substance that cannot easily be removed from carpet fibers. Although a few spots may not matter, especially if they are in remote areas where they cannot be seen, numerous spots that are in high traffic areas are clear signs that it might be time to contact in carpet professional.

Your Carpet Is Starting To Wear Out

Another obvious sign that it’s time to get new carpet is that it is simply falling apart. You might notice areas where dogs have been scratching, or perhaps high traffic areas where the fibers are simply coming out. Many people will place rugs over these areas in order to hide the fact that the carpet is in need of being replaced. However, if you see tears, rips, and open areas where carpet used to be, it might be time to get an estimate.

Your Carpet Stinks

If you have notice that the interior of your home has a perpetual stench, one that will not leave even after shampooing your carpet, this could be a sign that it needs to be taken out. People that have dogs and cats will always have this problem, but it can go well beyond the point of no return. You may use carpet deodorizers to no avail. You may even hire professionals to clean your carpet for you. However, if it dries and you still have that horrible stench, you need to start researching the many different carpet installation companies in your area.

People Are Developing Allergies For No Reason

When family members start to develop allergies causing them to sneeze, or have difficulty breathing, it might be the result of particulate matter in the carpet. If it has been a year where substantial amounts of pollen have been produced, it might be possible to have a professional carpet cleaner shampoo your carpet to eliminate the problem. However, if you actually have black mold that has formed on or underneath the carpet padding, it’s time to replace this before family members become worse. Black mold is dangerous, and by extracting your carpet and replacing it with something new, this problem can be eliminated.

So how often should you change out your carpet? At the very least, if your carpet is more than 10 years old, it simply time to replace it for something new. Carpet can only last for so long, especially if you have kids and dogs that are constantly going in and out of the house. If you do have stains on your carpet that are unsightly, or if people are starting to wheeze and cough, it is certainly time to consider this option. It is expensive to put in new carpet, but if it is going to help improve your family’s health, it’s something that you need to consider doing.